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Kasra Dash

Chief technology officer

Kasra Dash, a multifaceted Scottish entrepreneur, has built a reputation as an expert in E-E-A-T SEO and digital marketing. Born in Iran and raised in Scotland, Kasra’s passion for learning and improvement is woven into the fabric of his life.1 Kasra firmly upholds the philosophy of nurturing both a strong body and a strong mind 🧠. By embracing 5am starts and a clean lifestyle, he believes that these essential tenets empower him to perform at his peak ⛰️.


As the Chief Technology Officer at E-E-A-T SEO, Kasra began his digital marketing journey through the mentorship of James Dooley2 💼. Together, they built an empire of over 650+ rank and rent websites, generating more than 2 million organic leads for businesses across the UK, Canada, and Australia3 🌍. Kasra’s unique approach to E-E-A-T SEO involves leveraging awards 🏆 and securing author links on high-profile websites, a strategy he has successfully used to grow his own companies📈.4

1# Award winning accountancy SEO ranking expert

Kasra’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through in his ownership of TaxBite, a rapidly growing accountancy firm with multiple locations across the UK🏢.5  His recent acquisition of the football stadium website Away Grounds ⚽ further showcases his diverse business interests and bold ambition.6

iGaming & casino affiliate

As an expert in the iGaming Business (IGB) space, Kasra has managed to rank highly in a fiercely competitive industry.7  His experiences in the IGB sector have empowered him to pass on valuable knowledge to his E-E-A-T SEO clients, making their lives easier as they navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing 🌐.8

Through his determination, creativity, and resourcefulness, Kasra Dash continues to conquer the digital marketing realm, inspiring others along the way 🚀.

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