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Dan Grant

Chief information officer
As Chief Information Officer at E-E-A-T SEO, Dan Grant employs a research-driven approach to digital marketing that adheres to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. With a focus on ethical and transparent strategies, he leads a team that implements comprehensive solutions centered around creating useful, user-focused content and building high-quality links.


Leading the charge with an unyielding commitment to continuous learning, Dan Grant is the innovative force behind our strategic, research-driven approach to digital marketing. Unswervingly aligned with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, his ethos of transparency and ethical practice shapes our team’s focus on crafting user-centric content and cultivating high-quality links.

What makes him tick

Dan thrives on the fast-paced dynamism of the digital marketing landscape. He actively pursues professional development opportunities, ensuring that he, and by extension E-E-A-T SEO, stay attuned to the latest industry trends and best practices. His pursuit of knowledge isn’t just an occupational requirement; it’s an intellectual passion that drives him to continually refine our offerings, staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving field.

Something to shout about

Known for designing and implementing effective SEO strategies, Dan’s innovative approach translates into tangible results for our clients. His ability to tailor unique strategies, coupled with his unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and professionalism, has fostered trust and built long-term relationships with our clients.

Out of hours

Away from the world of SEO and algorithms, Dan’s creative soul finds expression in his love for singing. Whether it’s belting out tunes at a local karaoke night or humming a melody while brewing his morning coffee, music is a constant in his life. He also enjoys exploring Manchester’s vibrant food scene, always on the hunt for the next culinary gem to share with friends and family.

Dan’s life and work both echo the E-E-A-T principles – Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust – blending them seamlessly into a harmonious symphony of professional excellence and personal fulfilment.

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