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Anthony Greenwood

Chief finance officer
Anthony Greenwood is a Mancunian through and through. He brings his wide-ranging experience from various financial leadership roles to E-E-A-T SEO, guiding our financial strategy with precision and ease.


Anthony’s keen understanding of fiscal management helps us navigate the complexities of industry economics, ensuring steady growth and stability for our business.

What makes him tick

Anthony thrives on the challenge of managing E-E-A-T SEO’s financial landscape. He’s driven by a passion for fiscal responsibility and the thrill of seeing strategic financial decisions translate into tangible growth for the business and our clients.

Something to shout about

Anthony takes pride in his instrumental role in shaping E-E-A-T SEO’s financial framework. Collaborating with the senior management team, he’s been a key driver in the company’s journey towards financial stability and consistent growth.

Out of hours

Away from the spreadsheets and financial reports, Anthony is often sighted adventurously scrambling up the picturesque hills of the Peak District or meandering along the serene lakesides of the Lake District, truly immersing himself in the breath-taking natural beauty that lies just a stone’s throw away from his home. Despite the demands of his role, he holds dear his cherished tradition of enjoying a hearty Sunday roast with his family.

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